About Run and Punch


Run and Punch is a brassy 6-piece ska/punk band started by a pair of vets from Chicago’s music scene. Bored with the bland bubblegum ska and repetitive horn lines that had dominated much of the third wave, they set out to make high energy music to get audiences moving while paying homage to their pop-punk roots.

Their music is a reflection of the paths they’ve traveled over the years, with themes reflecting on their heartbreaks, rivalries, victories, and failures.

The band formed in 2010, and while they’ve seen several lineup changes over the years, the spirit of Run and Punch is as strong as ever. They’re currently working on a new release, planned for winter of ‘17.

Current Lineup

  • Anne Rako - Vocals
  • Anthony Johnson - Bass
  • Chris Curtis - Trumpet
  • Kirk French - Drums


Run and Punch is currently available for performances in and around the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest.